Lab Statement

Laboratory of Brain Imaging (LOBI) is dedicated to conducting high quality research to answer important questions about the human brain and cognition. As a laboratory, we use modern technology and equipment to study neuroscience, but the essence of our work and identity lies in the people who work here. Whether you’re a PI, postdoc, PhD student or intern, we want to create an environment where everyone has a place to grow and conduct research in a supportive and friendly atmosphere.

Diversity & inclusion

We are people of different backgrounds, opinions, abilities and experiences. We believe that this diversity makes us tackle scientific problems in a broader and more complete manner. Thus, we create a work environment where everyone can participate, speak freely and exchange ideas in a respectful and judgement-free manner, regardless of the career stage, social background, or being a member of a gender, cultural, ethnic, sexual, neuroatypical or other minority. We are convinced that every individual, regardless of their academic rank or career stage, is equal in dignity.

Communication standards related to science

Sharing ideas for scientific projects and presenting them within the lab environment are crucial aspects of scientific communication. These exchanges foster collaboration, innovation, and a collective pursuit of knowledge among researchers.

Open science and work ethics 

Collaboration and helping each other within the Lab

Responsibilities in supervisor - PhD student relationship

The latter can serve as a basis for the semester completion form for PhD students in the doctoral school.

Feedback & how to give it

Tensions and misunderstandings happen - we address them

Tensions and misunderstandings are a natural part of collaborative work, where individuals with diverse backgrounds and perspectives come together and should be treated as an opportunity to improve communication, rather than as something negative.

To foster a harmonious atmosphere, we encourage open and attentive communication among team members. We create a safe space where everyone feels comfortable expressing their thoughts, emphasising active listening, empathy, and respect for different viewpoints. We clearly communicate problems and potential risks as soon as we notice them – not to allow them to grow.

When conflict arises, we believe it should not be resolved based on hierarchical positions. We promote constructive dialogue and strive to find common ground, working towards mutually beneficial solutions. In more complex situations where resolution through discussion is challenging, we involve a neutral third party from within the lab (e.g. Marek or Artur) to facilitate a fair assessment and help determine the most sensible resolution. In rare cases where resolution cannot be reached through these steps, we recognize the importance of seeking guidance from the Nencki Institute's Trustee and/or HR Head (Urszula Dziewulska).

Lab life and team integration

Work-life balance 

In order to promote well-being, job satisfaction and productivity, we aim to create a workplace that values a healthy work-life balance. In particular: 

Environmental issues 

We strive to limit our negative impact on the environment and contribution to climate change by: